Podcast: Shabby Alpaca

029 – Shabby Alpaca

Selena Baldwin is the daughter half of the mother-daughter team behind Shabby Alpaca, which carries alpaca and other soft goods from around the world, many which are hand-crafted.

Before telling us about the business, Selena tells us about how it all started, which includes the story of her getting pregnant – immediately after her and her husband had finalized the adoption of two children!

Along with this big life change came the start of Shabby Alpaca, selling to markets at first, and then moving online as well. Selena, her family, and the business are all doing well, and we’re happy to share their story on this episode.


Website: http://www.shabbyalpaca.com
Instagram: http://instagram.com/shabbyalpaca
Facebook: http://facebook.com/shabbyalpaca

http://goadventuremom.com/pets ****

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