You Need to Be a Part of This Year’s 365 Challenge

If you’re new to the 365 Mile Challenge, it’s easy to understand. It’s 365 miles in one year. Are bodies are capable of a lot, which is why this challenge works. These small steps are building up to show you how capable your body is!

The idea behind the 365 Mile Challenge is that you complete 365 self-propelled miles in one year. Spending time outdoors is such an amazing part of being a human. It’s an amazing gift to be able to get outside and get active.

Your body and your children’s’ bodies need to get outside and move. This challenge is a great way to start small and think big!

We are holding a FREE MINI CHALLENGE for anyone to participate in Starting March 12 and runs through March 18. Starting March 19 for 48 hours registration to the 365 Mile Challenge will be open.

How to get moving

The awesome thing about the self-propelled challenge is that there are MANY ways you can get moving. For the mama that loves to walk, this is perfect! It’s great for the person who loves to run. However, you can get around with your own two feet! Being self-propelled is a great thing, especially when it is instilling good habits.

Join us for the 2018 365 Mile Challenge

This was such a successful challenge in 2017, we can’t wait to make it a part of our 2018. We think you’d love to join the hundreds of women who have become a part of this challenge. Remember that we’re all in this together. It’s a great way to be encouraged and to get moving!

Joining the group

One of my favorite parts of the 365 Mile Challenge is the Facebook Group. It’s so fun to see what everyone is up to. Seeing other people motivated to get moving, gets me motivated. Trust me, there may be a day when you see something that motivates you in just the right way.

Are you ready to join the 2018 365 Mile Challenge? We’re ready to have you!

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