KidCo Dog Gate Review

If you have been hanging around the blog in 2018, you know that Go Adventure Mom’s founder, Kathy has a cute little mini golden retriever. Our little goldendoodle is adorable and adds so much fun to our lives, especially when you see him running in the snow.

It’s so cute when he’s cold and he just sits in my jacket and shivers. I keep him warm with my body heat, no worries there! If I could keep Teddy in my pocket all the time I would, but we all know that’s not possible.  For the times I can’t keep him with me, we use the KidCo Dog Gate.  You may be wondering what’s so special about this dog gate. Well, let me tell you!

It keeps our dog safe

There are some areas in the house where I don’t want Teddy to go. I have put this dog gate right by our stairs, so he can’t just run up and down them. He’s so tiny that I want him to get used to our house 100% before he can go wherever he wants. Plus, if we leave, we can put Teddy in one room and use this gate to keep him put, without crating him.

Kidco Dog Gate is easy to install

I don’t like messing around with complicated things, which is why I love the KidCo Dog Gate. It’s so easy to install, even I can do it. I’m not the handiest person, but the KidCo Dog Gate is dog parent friendly.

It adds stability and security

With having such a new puppy and three little ones, you better believe that safety and security is an issue to me. I want to ensure my goldendoodle stays where I put it. The KidCo Safety Gate stays locked, when I lock it. I love that my youngest son cannot just freely open it either. I do feel safe and secure having this gate in my home, as a pet owner and a mom.

We love KidCo products around here. You can see our reviews on the KidCo Dinepod and what we had to say about the Dinepod on Facebook. We’re also pleased to be featured on the Parenting Resources page of KidCo!

Grab your own KidCo® Gateway® to keep your house more safe and secure!


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