Futura Pro 44 EL from Deuter

Futura Pro 44 EL from Deuter

What if you could take the ultimate backpack with you while hiking? There is something exciting that we love taking with us on our long hikes and camping trips. It’s the Futura Pro 44 EL from Deuter and I love every minute of taking it with us. Let me introduce you to the backpack and what exactly it does.


Lightweight and Flexible


When we’re hiking as a family or even by myself, I need to keep things as simple as possible. I surely don’t want to carry around a lot more weight than necessary. That is where the lightweight and flexibility of this backpack comes in. What I also love about it is the freedom to move around in it. I don’t feel stuck. It truly adds the perfect fit because of the way it is built.


Lots of storage space



As I mentioned, I do some hiking with my kids. Do you know how many little things you need in your backpack when you have kids? I love that the Futura Pro from Deuter will carry them all. There are even small features that make a big deal (like the wet pocket and the rain cover). Both have come in handy while hiking. There is even a valuables pocket, hiking loop holes, lid pocket, and so much more.


Perfect fit

When you are taking a long hike, you want to be comfortable. The Futura Pro allows a fantastic comfort combination. I love the the floating, ergonomically formed, reinforced VariFlex hip belt follows each movement and thus helps saving energy while hiking.




Being comfortable and feeling supported are both good things. I know I can have everything I need in this backpack and I will be comfortable. Have you used the Futura Pro before? Let me know your thoughts!

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