Fresh Beef vs. Frozen

McDonald’s Fresh Beef Patty

We all know that fresh tastes better than frozen, right? Today we take a behind the scenes look at the transition McDonald’s is taking to bring fresh beef to their menu. My friends Winter, Sharon and Lee were there recording the Hungry Squared Podcast. Where they geek out about restaurant design at McDonald’s. You can listen to their podcast here: HUNGRY SQUARED: 100% FRESH BEEF PODCAST. (I share a short segment on “What I ate this week”, but totally slaughtered gorgonzola cheese and call it gorgoza. Haha.) I really like the information they share in their interview about the kitchen design and how they calibrate the fridge and grill. Who knew so much went into making this transition. 

Customers want fresh beef

It’s no lie that customers want fresh beef. Who doesn’t want fresh? McDonald’s has been listening to their customers and fresh beef patties are coming. These fresh beef patties have rolled into some of the bigger cities and it’s gone well. Utah was one of the first places to test out the Fresh Beef patties and soon will be available throughout the nation. 

Better tasting food

I think we can all agree that a fresh beef patty will being about even better tasting food. It’s just a fact of life that fresher is better. Whether you’re eating at McDonald’s or eating a fresh fruit or veggie; fresh wins every time.  Those who have gone to the tastings of the fresh beef patty at McDonald’s will say that it’s just been a win.

My Thoughts

I will be honest, I eat beef very rarely. Maybe twice a year at a BBQ. I just don’t like the way it tastes. Beef usually tastes really bland to me. So, I was pretty skeptical when trying the fresh beef patty. I do enjoy the signature crafted recipes that are available on the artisan bun. Since I can’t eat unions, I always customize my sandwich. 

McDonald’s is making changes to build a better place for families and consumers to eat. The fresh beef quarter-pound burgers are going to change McDonald’s in a positive direction forever. McDonald’s made a huge change in breakfast with all day breakfast and now their quarter-pound burgers are going to be 100% fresh beef. I can see they are committed to making McDonald’s better overall and that’s exciting.

McDonald’s has been on this journey to better their establishment for more than two years. The quarter-pound burger and Signature Crafter Recipe burgers are going to be better than ever. Those who live in Utah are going to get a first hand look at how all this awesomeness works. Food quality and food safety is always #1 at McDonald’s, which is why they have implanted hard core training for everyone. The workers have the training and McDonald’s has even amped up their equipment.

The recipe for the delicious fresh beef burgers may be simple, but they are very delicious. The fresh beef patties also cook faster, which means that will enable McDonald’s to keep up with all the orders. We’re talking crave-able, delicious, and just what McDonald’s customers deserve.

Now that you’re curious and your mouth is watering. Hop on over to your local Utah McDonald’s and give one of their new 100% fresh-beef sandwiches a try.


Stop in this Friday and grab your FREE FRIES. Can I tell you how much I love McDonald’s fries? Mmmm! Maybe we’ll see you there? Yum!



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