Dueling Dogs

Wait, don’t get the wrong impression here. This isn’t that type of dueling dogs, this type of dueling dogs is much more fun! Let’s talk about Dueling Dogs is a sport that many people and pups love! In fact, the 3rd World Championships April 6-8, 2018 will be held in Dubuque, Iowa this year.

Each dog will be put to the test. Who will the winner be? You can find their events being held all over the United States. Dueling Dogs has been a big hit these last few years. Can you imagine my new little pup trying to become the ultimate champ?

If you have a dog that you think will do great, check out Dueling Dogs and get in on the action. Make sure you come and root on the teams, even if you won’t be joining in on the fun. These event is high energy and a ton of fun. You wouldn’t believe how smart these dogs are and how fast they can get.

Dueling Dogs is a fun way to spend time with your dog or root on the pup of your choice. Will the dog you’re rooting for when? Head to this year’s Dueling Dogs Championships and make a weekend of it. Iowa has a lot to offer and this is just one of the fun things happening around these parts.

Want to find out more about Dueling Dogs? You can read more about the sport right here.

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