Creating New Traditions with Your Pet

Have a pet? Want to create traditions with your pet? Creating new traditions with your pet is possible! Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, or just a random Sunday afternoon, traditions are so important. Pet lovers everywhere want to include their pet in traditions, they just aren’t sure how to go about it.


#1. Make a plan

It’s hard to do a tradition without a plan, even if it includes your pet. If you want to make Sunday afternoon walks a tradition with your family and pet, make a plan and go for it. Your pet could care less about the tradition, they just want to spend time with you! However, your family will love including your pet in as much of daily life as possible.


#2. Do pet friendly things

Sadly, this world isn’t as pet friendly as it should be. However, you can do pet friendly things. Take a walk, have a meal at your house, invite friends over who love your pets. Keeping your pet in mind, when planning these new traditions is so important.


#3. Get other pet families involved

If you love to be social with your pet, make sure you invite other per families along. Have a picnic with all the pets or a game night and let all the pets run around in the backyard. Being a pet parent shouldn’t keep you from having fun with your pets, family, and friends.


#4. Take advantage of the holidays

There are so many holidays happening throughout the year and including your pet in those traditions can be as easy as you want it to be. There are literally “days” dedicated to everything these days. For example, January 24: Change A Pet’s Life Day! How fun would that be to start a tradition that day? Maybe getting your friends to visit a local shelter and maybe adopt a pet and change their life. This is a fun way to include your pet in a new tradition.


Just think about how you’d like to create new traditions with your pet and go for it. Here are some other great ideas for pet related themes and holidays.

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