5 Sights That Your Family Will Love Seeing During Your Vacation in India

Does humidity bother you when traveling? If so, India invites you to enjoy all it has to offer from November through February. It’s an enormous place to visit, and much too much for a single tour. It’s a bit chaotic with sounds, aromas, colors, and people.

If you want to make a family trip of it, Mumbai Juhu is the place to go. You’ll love it in winter for all the family places to go and things to do.

5 sights that your family will love:

Juhu Beach

is renowned for its beauty and enjoyment. Northwest of Mumbai city center the beach stretches along the Arabian Sea. Visitors ride camels or horses, swim and sunbathe, and shop among the beach vendors.Time it right, and you might join one of the many beach-centered festivals.

Many gather during the day on the beach’s golden sand and during the evening in the Palm Groves. Take the children in the cooler evenings to the nearby Gandhi Gram amusement park for kids. And, it’s a great place to taste Indian cuisine at the many pop-up eateries. HolidayIQ says, “The beach is most famous for its street-side food like Pani Puri, Sev Puri, Pav Bhaji and more.”

The Nehru Planetarium

makes astronomy fun. It’s a world class center for scientific study and scholarship. But, you can chose a program for students of all ages. They can participate in science quizzes, astro-paining, and science elocution.

With a little planning, your family can participate actively in major events like solar and lunar eclipses. The Nehru Planetarium is a large complex with an art museum, cultural center, library, and restaurant connected to the Planetarium’s large dome. The children will love checking their weight on different planets and the hands on visit to a railroad engine or supersonic jet.

Essel World

India’s largest amusement park, is the place to go if the children get restless. They can bowl, ice skate, and rock climb. Or, they can exhaust themselves on 14 family rides, 11 thrill rides, and 15 children’s rides.

Water Kingdom, Asia’s largest water park, sits next to EsselWorld. It boasts 12 big thrill rides and flowing and exciting river experiences. Aquadrome is its popular center where people dance on a 7,000 square foot surface dotted with water sprinklers that spray the dancers at random.

Elephanta Island

is an hour’s ferry ride from Mumbai’s Gateway of India. A toy train rides a narrow-gauge railway to the steps the lead to the Elephanta Caves. On the ride, you pass souvenir sellers, food and drink stalls, and hundreds of small monkeys cavorting on the side.


UNESCO’s World Heritage Site protection extends to these man made caves, “constructed about the mid-5th to 6th centuries AD.” Hand carved pillars and architectural elements include unique large spaces, chapels, bas reliefs, and sculpture.

Mumbai Markets

are festivals of sound and color. Spices and brilliant flowers are sensory feasts. But, markets also offer flea markets and street shops Colaba Causeway, Linking Road, and Hill Road lure tourists with fashions, jewelry, and low-cost knock-offs.

Chor Bazaar dates to the Victorian era and reputedly sells everything you can think of. This huge flea-market sells anything old, antique or reproduction. It’s everybody’s junk sale, from knick-knacks to auto parts.

Your family will love seeing these sites during your vacation in India

Reservations at Hotels like JW Marriott Mumbai Juhu will put you and the family on the Juhu Beach and a short ride to all of Mumbai’s attractions. There are hours to spend in multiple museums, Hindu Temples, and Christian Churches. India offers unique history, sights, and flavors, enough to please any family.


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