what to watch for when running with your dog

How to Start Running with Your Dog

Tips for running with your dog

If you want to start running with your dog, you may wonder where to start. Whether you want to walk, run, or trot with your dog, spending this time with your pet is so important. Running with a dog takes time and effort. You can’t just take off one day and expect your dog to be able to keep up. Be kind to your dog and they will be kind to you, in this running journey.


#1. Listen to your dog

One rule of running with your dog is listening to them. Look at your dog and see how he/she is feeling. You don’t want to make your dog run if they aren’t feeling it. Be compassionate with your dog each day. You kind of have to compare it to a human running partner, you both have to be in the best shape possible.

what to watch for when running with your dog

#2. Look at your dog’s feet

Since your dog is running with nothing on their paws, you need to pay close attention to this area of their body. Since it could be hot or cold, you need to pay attention to how their paws may be feeling. The pup’s feet could be dry, cracked, or blistering from the ground conditions, so pay close attention. Be prepared to treat the dog’s feet, if needed.

Check your dog's paws

#3. Teach your dog the basics

Your dog may not be ready for running if they don’t know the basic commands. Your dog should know “stop” “go” “leave it” and whatever other commands you want your dog to know. You can start by taking walks with your dog and practicing those commands with them.

Cute dog photos

#4. Wait until your dog is full grown

A large dog should be full grown before they start running with you. Large dog is also mentioned because small dogs won’t be able to keep up like a big dog can. It doesn’t mean a small dog can’t run with you, it just may be that they aren’t the perfect running partner. Start small runs with your full grown dog and work up to longer runs. Listen to your dog to see how many miles they can stand.


Cute Puppies

So, running with your dog is a great thing! Just make sure you’re doing all the right things to help your dog be successful at running too.


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