Podcast: Backpacking with Kids

026 – Backpacking with Kids – Melissa Lynn Lieser

Think backpacking is something that has to wait until the kids are older? Not at all! Backpacking is immersive, rewarding, and will provide some quality family time in the great outdoors. Backpacking with kids makes is an even greater adventure.

In this episode, we cover all the questions and concerns you may have. What is a good age to start backpacking with your kids? How far should you go? What supplies must you take? Can the kids carry anything?

One important consideration is food! Traditional backpacking food options are generally not so great. Add a picky eater into the mix, and you may decide it’s easier to just sit home on the couch. But, not to fear! Melissa Lynn Lieser of Backpacker’s Bistro is here to help! Backpacker’s Bistro provides gourmet, nutritious alternatives for the trail, made with healthy and fresh ingredients.

Round up the family, because after this episode you’ll be eager to get started on your next backpacking adventure.


Backpacker Bistro http://backpackersbistro.com/


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