Picking the Perfect Dog Breed for Your Family


Recently, we added a new dog to our family. What can I say? We’re in love! Adding a new dog to the family is a big deal. You may be in the stage of picking out the perfect dog breed for your family. Here is how to pick out the perfect dog breed for your family.


Do your research

Don’t try and pick a random breed of dog for your family. It’s best if you do your research first. Doing your research will help you know what type of dog is right for your family. The right breed will ensure you keep your dog long term and not just while they’re cute a little. Do the research to know the type of dog temperament your family can handle.


AKC site is a great resource

If you want a great resource for finding a dog for your family, then head to the AKC site, it’s such a great resource. I could spend hours on that website doing research on dog breeds. Once you start doing research, you may be surprised as to how many different dog breeds there are.


Visit your local shelter

A great way to get a vision of what type of dog breed your family wants or needs, head to your local shelter. You could adopt from your local shelter, but you can also spend time getting to know the different breeds. Not only are breeds important, but you can get a feel for the size of dog you want, while visiting the shelter. Shelters are a great way to spend your time, pet animals, and get some one-on-one time in with a dog that could potentially be yours.


Talk to your friends and family

If you know people who have a dog breed that you’re considering, don’t be shy about asking them questions. Talk to friends and family who have dogs. Go visit them and ask them lots of questions about their dog breed.


Not all breeds are great with kids

The reason you don’t want to just run out and get any breed of dog is that you don’t know what breed will mesh with your family. Not all breeds of dogs are great with kids, but not every breed goes well with every family.


These are just some tips to keep in mind as you pick out the perfect dog breed for your family. Don’t go and make a rash decision on a dog breed for your family. Take your time picking out the right breed, so you can find a dog that’s perfect for your family forever.

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