PackTowl Luxe Towel

PackTowl Luxe Towl

There is one item that people don’t think about bringing whenever they’re traveling. My favorite towel to bring with us, when traveling, is the PackTowel Luxe Towl. Here are some reasons you might want consider bringing this towel along with you on your next trip.

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Super Soft

I don’t think you can even imagine the softness of this towel until you get up close and personal with it. The polyester/nylon terry knit blend offers a super softness on your skin. You have probably felt softness before, but this is unmatched softness you won’t find anywhere else.  My kids can’t get over how soft these towels are. There will be more ordered soon!


Super absorbent

I don’t think I have ever seen a towel that can absorb so quickly. The PackTowl is a towel that has a 5X rapid-cycle absorbency. This means it can soak up 4 times its weight in water. When you ring it out, it comes out almost dry. You can do this repeatedly!


Easy to care for

Another great feature of the PackTowl is that it’s easy to care for. You just wash it in your regular washing machine and then you can air dry it or put it on tumble in your dryer. If you’re on vacation, this towel works perfectly! I have also found this towel is perfect for at home, traveling, or even camping.



The PackTowl is something you need to experience for yourself. The softness is unmatched and I guarantee that is enough alone to make you want to use it. You can easily pack it with you and it’ll be dry when you’re ready to pack it up again. Super soft, super absorbent, and easy to care for. I don’t know if you could ask for more out of a towel.




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