Jake’s Nature Guide Review

Jake’s Nature Guide Review

Meet my friend Jake. He’s been featured on my site before. I’m so fond of his work that I wanted to share a little more about him. A while ago, Jake wrote a guest blog post for my site called “This Fall Your Kids Can Become Junior Naturalists.” If you don’t know what a junior naturalist is, you’re going to love reading this post and getting your kids on board!

A brief rundown of becoming a junior naturalist is that your kiddo can learn to explore. By grabbing something as simple as a notebook, your child can use their observation skills to dive into nature. Have your child pick a spot to observe and then they can start writing or drawing away! Your child can do it whenever they want, which is the beauty behind this.

Jake has also written an awesome book that I feel as though everyone in the family should read together. It’s called Jake’s Nature Guide. Come explore the Rocky Mountains, with Jake and his book! This guide is super easy to read, which means the whole family can enjoy it. My kids and I love to read together and this book is one of our favorites.

Not all of us can walk through the Wasatch Mountains (part of the Rockies) everyday, but Jake gives us a good look inside the Rocky Mountains. Whether you’ll be visiting soon or are just wanting to get a closer look at the amazing natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains, Jake’s Nature Guide is for you! Through this book, you will learn how to identify different plants and animals.

My family personally loved reading about all the cool Rocky Mountain facts that he puts in the book. I feel like knowledge is power and Jake’s Nature Guide is full of fun, yet truthful knowledge that can help anyone who wants to learn about the Rocky Mountains or wants to visit someday.

Make sure you grab your copy of Jake’s Nature Guide. Let yourself get lost in the Rocky Mountain nature culture. I love that it’s a family book that everyone can enjoy! Jake has been awesome to have around the site and we look forward to hearing more about his success as the days, months, and years go on.

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