8 Myths About the Vegan Lifestyle

8 Myths About the Vegan Lifestyle

Are you considering becoming a Vegan? If so, you may be curious about some myths you have heard. Those who are considering being a vegan want to know the ins and outs of the lifestyle. In our world, today, people put out myths about the Vegan diet. While doing some research, I was able to bust many myths about the Vegan lifestyle. Here are some myths I came across and my answers to them.


Avoiding meat is the main part to being a vegan.


Vegans are vegans for more than just avoiding meat. Veganism is a healthy way of eating and there are more reasons to it than just avoiding meat.


Vegan diet has no nutritional value.


Not true at all. The Vegan diet is full of good things to eat. Imagine eating plant based fruits and veggies all day long (plus other yummy foods). There is a lot of nutrition in these types of foods.


The Vegan diet has no junk food.


If only this were true. Americans have found a way to make junk food in any diet. If you were to search for Vegan compliant “junk food” you would find it.


Vegans are not acceptable of other eating styles.


Not true at all. Most Vegans worry about themselves and what they are eating. If you ask about their diet, they will take the time to answer. However, this is a myth!


Vegans can only get calcium through drinking milk.


There are other ways in which Vegans can get calcium. Calcium fortified soy milk is one way! Obviously, calcium is needed nutrient for the body, you just have to find ways to get more of it in your diet. Other options for calcium are kale, Tahini, soybeans, okra, broccoli, almonds, almond butter, and the list goes on and on.


A plant based diet is so boring and flavorful at all.


If you have never eaten a Vegan meal, you’re missing out. A plant based diet is not boring at all. I am amazed every day as to what Vegans eat and how creative they are with their food. Just because you eat a specific way, it does not mean you should sacrifice taste.


A plant based diet isn’t any healthier than a meat based diet.


A wholefoods approach to eating is very healthy, especially when it is done Vegan style. You really have to do your research to know the ins and outs of the Vegan diet. It is proven that the Vegan diet is just as healthy as a meat-based diet.


What are some myths you have heard about the Vegan lifestyle? What are some tips you have for a newbie Vegan?


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