Insider Tips for Hiking Yellow Knolls Utah

Insider Tips for Hiking Yellow Knolls Utah

Hiking Yellow Knolls Utah

A few weeks ago my family was in St. George, UT for a quick getaway. We found a hike that is perfect for families. Yellow Knolls hike is in Red Cliff Desert Reserve and the trail head is a quick drive from downtown St. George.

The Yellow Knolls trail head has plenty of parking, and we never saw any hikers or cars. Another bonus, is that it is free.  There was little shade, so it would be best to hike during cooler months, or early in the morning. 

Secret St. George Hike

The trail starts wide, then narrows to a single track and is easy to follow. It begins with a grassy valley where you can see the knolls in the distance.  As you get closer you will pass through black lava boulders that contrast nicely with the red sand stone.

Less Busy St. George Kids Hike

The trails follows along the bottom of the knolls. There were spots that were wet and quite slippery, so be careful on the wet sandstone. We had a few falls, but quickly learned to use caution in those wet sections.

Easy Kid hikes Southern Utah

The actual knolls are beautiful with octagon shapes, lichen and moss dotting the red and yellow rocks. My kids thought it looked like dinosaur skin.

Red Rock hike

Once we reached the knolls we scampered and explored the rocks. With a quick snack, and water break, we headed back to the car following the same trail.

Hiking Yellow Knolls Kids

We hiked a total of 3.37 miles, but it seemed easy, with nothing too steep. The mileage will depend on how much exploring you do on the knolls. As you can see we wandered quite a bit up and down the knolls. My 7 and 10 year old thought Yellow Knolls was the perfect hike, and happily hiked the entire time, so it passes our family friendly test.

Overall, Yellow Knolls, is a wonderful hike in St. George, especially during busy times when you want some peace and quiet.  

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