4 Tips for Playing in the Snow

Playing in the Snow

Playing in the snow is a must for most kids. Seeing the white stuff fall from the sky is amazing! It’s so amazing that your kids need to get out there and experience it firsthand. Here are some tips for when you allow your kids to play in the snow.

Dress warm

When playing out in the snow, the first step in dressing warm! Kids need to dress warm, so they don’t get too cold, while they are outside. Dressing warm includes wearing snow pants, a warm jacket, boots, hat, and gloves. You can even try to convince them to wear a scarf.

Come inside every half hour

When playing outside in the snow, it’s important for kids to come inside and warm up. Too much exposure to cold isn’t good for a person. Coming inside for a warm drink or snack is always the way to go.

Let your kids be creative

The best thing about playing in the snow is that it slows kids to be creative. Kids can build snow forts and build things for hours. Think of the snow as a winter wonderland for a kid’s imagination. They can build, play, and explore. Winter is a special time for playing because snow only comes out for a few months.

Keep the Green Glove Dryer on hand

Whenever you allow your kids to play outside, they are going to come in cold and wet. What if they just want to come in and warm up, but their gloves are wet? This is where the Green Glove Dryer comes in! You simply place the Green Glove Dryer on a vent in your home. The air from the vent circulates through the dryer, quickly drying gloves. It’s unique, green, and it does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

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