Real Wearable Gear for Real Women


There is nothing quite like not being able to fit into something you want or need. I’ve been there and experienced it a lot. You bought something, excited about it, took it home and it didn’t fit. That is so hard! However, not every company out there makes clothing in standards sizes. There are companies out there who are dedicated to creating real wearable gear for real women.

Check out Mountain Devil

You may be wondering what Mountain Devil is and how it correlates to real wearable gear for real women. For starters, you should know that Mountain Devil has a goal to design technical outerwear and clothing that fits all body types, not just the one the beauty industry makes up.

The outerwear rocks

You and I both know that I love to ski and spend as much time outdoors as possible. I want my outerwear gear to fit well. The outerwear from Mountain Devil is just what I could ask for in gear. For starters, their Signature Shell Pants and Signature Shell Jackets are awesome! The next time you’re in the market for something like this, check out what Mountain Devil can offer. Their outerwear gear has a relaxed fit.

Tops & Bottoms

You should know that Mountain Devil also have plenty of tops and bottoms for the not-so-average girl. You know, fun shirts with great sayings, zip hoodies, and a variety of other shirts. There are also bottoms available. Yes, their fleece sweatpants are amazing and super comfortable.

Check out the Mountain Devil Kickstarter Campaign

Here is what they have to say about their campaign and how they can help you!

“Are you tired of outerwear that doesn’t fit or comes from the men’s section?  Are you tired of having to buy lesser quality gear??  Well, we were and that is why we started Mountain Devil.  We wanted to create outerwear that fit “Real” women and was still fully functional.  We are able to offer these at a great price because we are selling direct to you-the consumer.”

You can learn more about the Mountain Devil Kickstarter campaign right here. Finally, clothing for real women, I’m excited.


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