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unnamed While I am a daily coffee drinker, I have could easily be labeled as a boring coffee drinker.  I rarely notice different tastes in coffee, and don’t go for the fancy coffee drinks because I am just drinking coffee for the caffeine.  Needless to say, my mundane routine involves waking up at 5:00, brewing drip coffee from my $12.00 Target coffee pot that I can barely believe is still working and has burn stains on the pot. :(

Now that you have picture of who I am, tribe members might be able to relate to this common mom adventure.  As a working mom, it is usually my husband who stays at home that goes on daily adventures with my daughter.  While we love being outside, sometimes it is awesome to just play and explore inside during the cold winter months.  Last Saturday was like any other, my 2 year old daughter was napping and I was planning our afternoon outing to the Children’s Museum of Denver (a place I know she loves)!

After two hours of sleep, she woke up screaming like we rolled her favorite toy in the

dirt (she is very clean) and tore her Moana blanket off of her.  It was just screams and for no apparent reason.  As this was happening, I was prepared to change plans because she was so upset and she just kept yelling car! car!  She wanted to get in the car.  So I changed her, packed the backpack while boiling water for my first packet of Stocked Stix – instant coffee I was waiting to try.  I knew I would need a pick me up for this adventure.

Stoked Stix

Of course, once I put the car in gear, she completely calmed down and had a great time at the museum.  She was playing, painting, climbing and throwing balls as if no tantrum occurred.  Meanwhile, I am sipping my coffee in my to-go mug and having my own pleasant surprises.  I first tried the Stoked Stix Medium Roast and the flavor blew me away.  It was actually a coffee, I could taste the natural flavors AND it wasn’t filled with any sugar add-ins to make it taste nice (I like plain ol’ coffee here).

I was also surprised, by how much it actually worked.  What I mean is that I find myself drinking 2-3 cups throughout the day without really feeling satiated nor satisfied.  This one cup replaced my “need” for the other cups.  Case in point, this morning I brewed the “normal ol’ coffee in the drip pot” for my husband and stole a packet of the Dark Roast for myself. :)  I guess after this blog is published I will have to come clean and share in the bounty.   As a stay at home dad, he probably needs it more. :) _C4A8914

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