The the All Electric Chevrolet Bolt EV Rocks

Driving the Chevrolet Bolt EV Rocks

So, it’s not everyday you get to drive a vehicle that’s not your own. However, our friend Jenn Holmberg over at 2 Young To Drive got the privilege of driving the Chevrolet Bolt EV on behalf of Go Adventure Mom. She picked me up for lunch so I could experience the car first hand.  I wanted to let you know why it’s a vehicle you’ll enjoy too.  This is the car we drove, while the kids were in school. This was my first time in an all electric car. 

Chevy Bolt EV Chevy Bolt EV Chevy Bolt EV

Basics to know

So, the Chevy Bolt is anything but basic, but just like any car, it has basics you should know about. One of the most important things you should know about this vehicle is that it is an electric vehicle. It was also named the 2017 North American Car of the Year. Yes, I got to check out this car and it was awesome in every way shape or form.

Smooth ride

One of my favorite parts of the Chevy Bolt was the smooth ride it gave us. We live on some bumpy roads and this car handled it like a champ. What’s crazy, is when you’re in the vehicle, it’s so quiet. You can barely hear that you’re in a car. Regenerative braking is super cool! Basically the car decelerates when you take the pressure off the gas. I took some getting used to for Jenn, but once she did, she loved it. Driving a vehicle and only using one pedal was pretty cool.

Technology rocks

Jenn drives a bit of an older car, so getting used to the technology was different for her. It did some time to get used to the Chevy Bolt EV before driving it. She loved the safety alerts and the blind spot alert. Every other technology aspect in the Bolt EV was equally awesome.

Before purchasing an electric vehicle in your state, make sure you check to see if it’s a great option for the environment. The Bolt EV has cutting edge technology, and is still pretty expensive and was a great ride for the week she had it.

Read our Jenn’s full review on The Chevrolet Bolt EV over on 2Youngtodrive.


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