How to Rock a Melon Helmet

How to Rock a Melon Helmet

We’ve all wanted to be safer and look stylish at the same time. But, how does one go about this? Melon Helmets are the answer to everyone’s needing to be safe while riding a bike and stylish. First, what is there to not love about wearing a Melon Helmet?

Check out the collections

With back to school starting up and safety being a number one concern, Melon Helmets have got it going on. I love the collections they have. This means, no matter what type of helmet you want, you can get it! You can literally get a helmet shaped like a watermelon or a helmet with daises on it, the choice is yours.


Impact on the planet

You all know I’m about not impacting the planet in a harsh way. I can get behind a business that focuses on the impact their product leaves behind.

For the active person

Another reason I love the Melon Helmet brand is that anyone can use the helmets. Little kids on bikes, big kids on skateboards, or adults on skates. Melon Helmet is for the active person because they are light weight and very comfortable. If the end result is being safe and comfortable, Melon Helmet has nailed this.

Just the right fit

The key to a good helmet is being able to adjust it correctly. The Melon Helmets can be easily adjusted by using the one handed dial adjustment in the back. It’s nice being able to do something with one hand and easily. The outer shell of the helmet is durable and strong, which makes me happy and it makes me feel incredibly safe.


Interested in one? You can grab a Melon Helmet for a reasonable price, right off their website. I 100% believe that Melon Helmets are functional and safe, which is great for any active person or family.


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