When you’re out there hiking in the wilderness, you need to stay hydrated. Not saying I only hike in the wilderness, but wherever you’re hiking, hydration is always a must. Platypus has a line of hydration packs that you’re going to want for your adventures.




Platypus not only has awesome hydration packs, but they have water bottles, DuoLock™ SoftBottle™, and so much more. Whether you’re looking for storage or bottles, Platypus offers flexible and packable hydration.



Find the perfect one for you

When it comes down to Platypus products, they have something for everyone. Whether you will be out doing adventures for several hours or even days, they have you covered. I personally love the Platypus water bottles. They are ideal to carry around and work great with the type of hiking and outdoor adventures I take with my family.


Super Clean Water

When you think of Platypus, think bottles & storage, hydration systems, and filtration. Having great tasting clean water is something you can experience everyday now. If you need to fill up your water in the back country, their filtration systems can get the water super clean. Isn’t that awesome to know?




Clean water is essential to your health. Let’s say you’re taking a camping trip and will be close to river water. You could use Platypus’ filtration system to help you get the clean water you need ASAP. I love that it’s not complicated! Also, if you want to carry a large hydration system with you or a small water bottle, you’re covered.



Have you used Platypus? What did you think about it?


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