Hike Recommendations for Families in the Colorado Front Range

Any adventurous families looking to go on a kid-friendly hike in the Colorado Front Range?  I am going to share my three favorite spots, close to Denver that are kid-friendly and easy to access.  There are many more hikes to choose from across our beautiful state.  For more ideas, you can see our dear friend from http://coloradomountainmom.com/

1) Lair O’ the Bear Park

West of Morrison, CO is perfect for family outings.  You can even take your kiddos on a flat mountain biking loop or fly fishing here!  This is an out and back trail that is mostly flat and follows a creek.  The main trail is the most popular, but 20 feet from the trail (and closer to the water) is a “creek side trail.”  I highly recommend this alternative for kids because it is closer to the water and less popular, which is great for frequent stops to explore.

2) Boy Scout Trail, at the top of Flagstaff Mountain near Boulder, CO.

This trail is one of our favorites for summer, as it is highly forested and still flat.  It also sits at the top of flagstaff mountain, and with the higher elevation you keep cooler in the heat.  There is a sensory trail for kids and accessible for hikers with disabilities to explore and interact with (touch, smell, hear) their natural surroundings.

3) Bear Creek Lake Park, Lakewood, CO.

This park has an entry fee ($7) and is not a state park, but it boasts several plus’ for families.  There are two lakes, both of which very popular for swimming, renting kayaks and paddles boards.  There is also a horse stabble to rent rides and an outdoor archery range.  In addition, our favorite trail here is the Skunk Hollow Trail. It is very covered, close to Bear Creek and flat, which is perfect for a quick hike not far off the highways.

Let us know what other hikes you recommend at https://www.facebook.com/GoAdventureMom/

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