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Announcing the 7 Miles in 7 Days Challenge

Go Adventure Mom 022 – Special Edition:  7 Miles in 7 Days Challenge


7 miles. 7 days.

Can you do it? Take this FREE motivational mini-challenge with an amazing group of people, and get moving outdoors for 1 mile each day.

After the overwhelming response of the 365 Mile Challenge, Kathy Dalton, Alyssa Erickson, Rebecca Walsh, Jess Curren, and Amelia Mayer came up with the idea of a 7-day mini-challenge.

Now, you can get a taste of the 365 Mile Challenge! The 7 Miles In 7 Days challenge is completely free. Learn more and sign up here: 7Milesin7Days

Meet the team:

Jess Curren http://currentlywandering.com/
Amelia Mayer http://talesofamountainmama.com/
Alyssa Erickson http://kidproject.org/
Rebecca Walsh https://www.justtrails.com/ + https://hikelikeawoman.net/


Spot Gen 3 https://www.findmespot.com



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