5 Cooking Games For Kids To Learn From

5 Cooking Games For Kids To Learn From

Teaching my kids to cook has always been on the top of my radar. I think it is important for them to learn how to cook without compromising safety. Truth be told, my kids are still young, so I have been nervous to teach them the ins and outs of cooking. However, I had a thought that maybe I can teach them about cooking through cooking games! Kids love games and they’re an excellent way to learn.


Guess the measurement

An important part of cooking is learning to measure. Kids need to learn how to measure in the kitchen, so turn it into a game. Do one recipe where the measurements are followed exactly and another where you just guess and don’t follow an exact science. Kids will learn the importance of measuring all while having a little fun!


Practice makes perfect


Make a game out of cooking. Letting your child practice cooking, cutting, and working things in the kitchen will help them learn a ton. I’m always amazed at what my kids learn when I give them a chance. Of course, I supervise and they can ask me anything they want.


Liquids versus solids


My kids love playing around with mixing things. In the kitchen, you can let your kids have fun learning about liquids versus solids. Play around with the blender and see what concoctions you can come up, with your kids helping.


Leave out an important ingredient


One cooking game you can play with your kids is what’s the missing ingredient. Following directions is an important part of life in general. You can make up this game in the kitchen, while cooking with your kids. Once the final product is done, they will see why following directions is super important.


Planning a meal

Planning is an important part of cooking. Play restaurant with your kid and let them do the meal planning. Let them plan a meal and execute it! You would be surprised as to what your kids can do. Try not to be too controlling while your kids are doing this, let the experiment and have fun. Of course, you can oversee everything and have them double check with you.



What cooking games do you love to play with you kids?


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