2017 Holiday Gift Guide

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

This is our fifth year during a holiday gift guide! We know you’d rather be out with your kids enjoying time together.

We are so pleased with these exciting products.

These products are chosen by things that we use in our day-to-day lives and we recommend these products only if they meet the standard

You can find products for active families

Like four kids balance bike that is ergonomically designed according to your child for the perfect products for helping you to get outdoors like this tracking polls for this jacket

Along with the holiday gift guide we are announcing the biggest giveaway in the history of going to ensure mom
In the past we’ve done 12 days of Christmas and as the years have gone on with increased it and made it bigger and bigger and better this year our prizes total over $5000 that we are giving away starting November 15 through December 24.

Giveaways will be announced on Facebook each morning at 9:00 AM Mountain standard time

To enter the giveaway go to: http://www.goadventuremom.com/2017-Holiday-Giveaway

We have prizes that include a camera, winter boots, jacket, sunglasses, bike accessories, bags.. you name it we’ve got it all you won’t want to miss out on this!

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Go Adventure Mom’s found, Kathy Dalton, launched Go Adventure Mom in 2012 in an effort to bring women together that love travel and the outdoors. As a former ski instructor, Kathy has taken her love for outdoor recreation and through the power of social media has created a platform to share her passion with the world. As a mom of three, Kathy loves to share her family adventures in Utah, cross-country skiing up Millcreek Canyon, skiing in the Wasatch Mountains, camping in Grand Teton National Park and camping in the Uintas. Kathy has been featured in The New York Times, The Huffington Post, Parents and Parenting magazine. Kathy is a regular contributor to Visit Salt Lake and is a tip contributor on TripAdvisor.

There are 21 Comments

  1. Posted by Kristi

    I couldn’t find another place to leave a comment for the giveaway, so I’m hoping this is the right place. My favorite item is the Veyo Kids Mittyz. I added some to my toddler’s wishlist.

  2. Posted by Helen

    So many fun things…hard to narrow it down to one product! I will go with the EzUp Camping Cube tent.

  3. Posted by Fairlight

    Wow, what a list! So many wonderful gift ideas. I guess my favorite one is the Woom bike.

  4. Posted by Laura Grace Andry

    I am a cub scout mom so that EZUp Camping Cube Tent would be amazing.

  5. Posted by Anna Pry

    my son would enjoy the Woom bike, he doesn’t have his own bike yet

  6. Posted by Eugenie

    My favorite is the North Face Hyperair GTX jacket.

  7. Posted by Amber Ludwig

    OH my, pick a favorite?! Im not even sure that’s possible!! I mean you seriously have so many amazing products on here!! I mean I would probably pick the Ez up shelter with the cube tent. Just because that’s pure genius and I adore camping!! I mean but honestly I could go on and on with favs on here lol!! Awesome list!!!

  8. Posted by Diane Richards

    The MSR WindBurner stove is at the top of my list with the EZUp Camp Cube Tent being a very close second. I also really like the HydroBlu bottle/filter combo, too, for hiking and kayaking adventures.

    Thank you for putting together this amazing 2017 Gift Guide and Giveaway!

  9. Posted by Krista Connors

    So much fun. I love the Yeti cooler, the MSR windburned stove! Woo hoo! Go adventuring.

  10. Posted by Kim Pincombe-Cole

    I think the Hally Hansen Merino zip up base layers (his & hers) AND the Yeti Hopper cooler are my faves! And will probably find their way under my family’s tree this year 😉

  11. Posted by Nicole Reames

    So many great ideas! I’d love the yeti cooler!

  12. Posted by hayley s

    I like the toddler snow boots, and the flybar for my kids!, and the Hally Hansen jacket for myself!

  13. Posted by nicolthepickle

    I have more than one favourite, but the flybar pogo board looks so neat. That would be a cool thing to try out.

  14. Posted by Darlene Demell

    There are so many different items to choose from but I think I would love the Camping Cube™ 6.4 in blue. Thanks for the chance.

  15. Posted by serena

    So many great things for the whole family but I’m really loving the Woom Bike

  16. Posted by Dee Johnson

    So many great gift ideas! I like the Peet Dryer Advantage.

  17. Posted by Jennifer Hedden

    Everything in the gift guide is pretty awesome, but my favorite would be the KODAK PIXPRO AZ401 Bridge Digital Camera so we can document our adventures. Thank you for amazing giveaways! Happy Holidays!

  18. Posted by Gretchen

    There are so many great prizes to win! I really like the EZUp Camping Cube Tent and I have been wanting to get my husband one of those Grip 6 Belts too. But seriously, there are so many great things!

  19. Posted by Valerie

    Ooh – the peet dryer or the MSR stove!!! What amazing ideas you have on your list…thank you for inspiring!

  20. Posted by Jodi Hunter

    I love the Yeti cooler.

  21. Posted by Susan P.

    I like the Pyramid shelter for setting up in the backyard or nearby county park.

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