What to Wear for Your Active Lifestyle

What to Wear for Your Active Lifestyle

When it comes to being outside and active, you want to be comfortable. Am I right? You don’t want to walk around in yoga pants and a sweater – all the time. When it comes to being active, comfort is a possibility. I wanted to share some of my favorite things when it comes to what to wear for your active lifestyle.

A few years ago, I got to know a company by the name of Aventura. This isn’t just any company that you buy from online, it’s a company that prides itself in making clothing that doesn’t have a lasting impact on our planet. A huge bonus is that the clothes are very fashionable and I can say that I have fallen in love with them.

I have been a brand ambassador for them over the last few years and I was selected this year as well. I love their clothing, so I really had nothing to lose. I’m an active mama and I NEED clothes that are going to adapt to my lifestyle.

Here are some of the clothes they sent me! While this isn’t all they have, I loved each piece of clothing they sent my way.

Scout Capri – Vintage Indigo


First off, the color of this capri is amazing! They have several other colors of capri as well, so if you don’t particularly like this one, you can enjoy another color. As you can see, you can easily move around in these easily. I loved wearing them while hiking. They moved around easily.

Hartwell Hoodie


Who doesn’t love a good hoodie to hike in? I’m loving the Hartwell Hoodie! It’s made from 60% organic cotton and feels amazing. I like to throw it on during a cold morning hike or when it gets cool in the evenings.

Sheridan Top


Another fine piece of clothing made from Adventura! I loved how loose and fabulous this shirt felt. It’s very fitting too, so I can move around easily. I also love the pattern for spring.

Wyatt Dress


Where are my dress loving mamas? I’ not usually a huge fan of dresses, but I LOVE this Wyatt Dress. This is a favorite of mine and you can see why!

Albany Hat


Anyone that likes being active outdoors can appreciate a good hat! I LOVE this Albany Hat as you can see! I can also wear this hat to the beach, which makes me happy.

As you can see, this clothing is fabulous, light weight, and fun to wear outdoors. Are you interested in trying out Adventura? I would love to send a coupon code your way!

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