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The program encompasses the idea that there is no separation from mind and body. This is because Talese believes that other health and wellness programs never look at the mental component. She discusses the three driving forces that are behind feeling in-shape: the relationship with your food, the relationship with your workout program, and the relationship with your body. The program also emphasizes the aspects of being a mom, which is another factor that is often ignored by health programs.
The Fit Mind Fit Body summit will be April 12-13 in Salt Lake City. Additionally, there will be three Facebook challenges beforehand in January, February, and March. Kathy ends the podcast by talking about the schedule for the summit and what to expect in the coming months.

Do you find it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits? Do you mentally dread workouts? Does your body image not meet your expectations? Come discover how your mental barriers are preventing you from having positive connections with your food, your body and your workouts.

Wellness Starts in Your Mind

Have you ever considered the role your mind plays in relation to your physical wellness? Often, when we think of our physical well-being, we don’t consider the power and influence our mind plays in its development. We need to understand the mental component to our physical wellness. To achieve wellness, it is important to think about and even imagine what your own personal wellness looks and feels like.

Many people have barriers or walls that prevent them from developing, reaching, and maintaining their desired personal wellness goals.  It is important for you to identify, understand, and deal with how your mind is enhancing or impeding your physical wellness program. These mental barriers and walls can be daunting, yet not impenetrable.

When working on physical wellness, three areas are usually addressed. These areas include an individual’s relationship with their food, their body and their workout program. Questions that help a client understand the power of their mind in relationship to a long-term wellness program may include: What are my intentions with eating? What role does food play in my life? How do I feel about food? How do I view my body? What does a workout program feel and look like to me? Do I value myself?

To get started on, develop and maintain any wellness program, the mind needs to be addressed and considered as a major player in the success or failure of the wellness program. The bottom line is, if you can’t think about or even imagine what your physical wellness looks or feels like, how can it be achieved? Positive connections with your food, body and workout programs are necessary to embark on and maintain a personal wellness program that will flourish. These positive connections start and manifest in the mind. Your personal wellness starts in your mind!


Mental Relationship with Your Food: Your Mind and Your Food

Learn about your personal relationship with food, the role food plays in your life, and how your perceptions and attitudes about eating either impede or enhance your wellness. We will also explore and define what personal wellness means to you.


Mental Relationship with Your Body: Your Mind and Your Body

Learn about how your personal relationship with your body influences your eating habits and wellness program. Discover how your opinions and judgments about your body can influence your body image. Come develop mutual respect between your mind and your body.


Mental Relationship with Your Workout Program: Your Mind and Your Workout

Learn how your thinking can limit your workout program. Come develop mental creativity and a positive focus to empower your mind to develop and maintain a workout program.


Friday April 12, 2019

AM – Mom Philosophy 101 (extra pre-summit event separate from Fit Mind Fit Body Summit)

PM– Fit/Mind Fit Body – Relationship with Food Workshop

Mindfulness/Nature experience

Mom Roundtable/Brainstorming Session

Saturday, April 13, 2019 

AM– Morning Meditation (Safe/Connected/Satisfied)

Breathing experience

Fit Mind Fit Body – Relationship with Body Workshop

PM – Fit Mind Fit Body = Relationship with Your Workout Program Workshop

Outdoor nature activity




Meet Talese Fernbach

MIND TRAINER – Talese Fernbach, Masters of Sport Exercise Psychology (MASEP), of Inner Mind Fitness, is a Mental Performance Coach and Sport/Performance Psychology Consultant. She has 10 years of extensive experience providing trainings, consulting, individual sessions and workshops to awaken and empower people, teams and organizations to their performance potential.

She is joining the Adventure Mom Team taking on the role of inspiring awareness, awakening, empowerment, education and inner expansion to the moms of today to enhance and support their internal life adventure. An experienced mom of a 22, 20 and 17 year old, she has used all of her professional skills to navigate the world of motherhood with integrity, respect and a sense of humor.

As her kids get older and become young adults, she continues to grow and expand as a mother.  Talese continues to encounter the abundant physical and mental challenges of parenting as everyone transitions into their new phases of life. She looks forward with great excitement and creative energy to working with Go Adventure Mom and the upcoming Fit Mind & Fit Body Summit and Facebook Challenges.

She will be offering, along with Kathy Dalton the following opportunities at the Fit Mind/Fit Body Summit!


Meet Kathy Dalton

Kathy Dalton is the founder of Go Adventure Mom and the Happy Camper Podcast. She is on a mission to empower families to get outdoors and explore the stunning world around them. She does this through her double podcasts and blogs. She is also the co-founder of the very successful 365-day Outdoor Challenge, which encourages women to get out and do one self-propelled mile a day.


Kathy is an entrepreneur, networker, outdoor enthusiast, and a former ski instructor. She is passionate about spending at least an hour a day outdoors and convincing others to do the same. She’s currently busy living her best life with her husband, three kids, and Teddy (the most adorable dog in the world).


Kathy can be found exploring, growing, connecting, talking, walking, biking, on a busy day. However, she also enjoys slowing down and on those days you might catch her bombing down groomers on a bluebird day or sipping hot chocolate in the parking lot with her kiddos.





Limited to 50 Spots



Feb 4 – 10 7-Day Challenge Kicks Off

March 4 21-Day Challenge Kicks Off






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