What you can do to save marine mammals even if you don’t live by the ocean

What you can do to save marine mammals even if you don’t live by the ocean

Adam from the Marine Mammal Centre in California joins us for an episode all about the ocean and marine life!

As the Guest Experience Manager, Adam oversees educational programs at the centre, such as Seals & Slippers and Sea To School.

In addition to learning about the Marine Mammal Center, you’ll learn about how you can get involved by volunteering, hear stories about rescuing animals in distress and what you should do if you discover one, plus find out how you can help marine mammals – even if you don’t live near the ocean! Everyone is connected to the ocean in some way, and we depend on a healthy ocean.

Dawn Saves Wildlife
Go Adventure Mom’s Founder, Kathy Dalton, at the Marine Mammal Center as a Dawn Saves Wildlife Ambassador.

The Marine Mammal Center rescues hundreds of marine mammals each year, giving them a second life. The majority of this is done thanks to volunteers and donations! Adam explains the journey of a rescued animal, from receiving the call, to rehab, and releasing it back out into the wild.


The Marine Mammal Center

Kathy Dalton learning from the volunteers at the Marine Mammal Center.



What you can do to save marine mammals with the Adam from the Marine Mammal center http___www.goadventuremom.com_podcast-4

Youtube Videos:

Kathy’s Interview: https://youtu.be/I_ijrEIvAAc

Dawn Day in the Wildlife

Dawn “We All Love Wildlife”

Marine Mammal Fact sheet: https://www.goadventuremom.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/Dawn_Wildlife_FactSheet_Final_Email.pdf

Seafood Watch App: http://www.seafoodwatch.org/seafood-recommendations/our-app

Report a Distressed Marine Mammal (415) 289-SEAL

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