Bike Shorts That Change Your Life

Bike Shorts That Change Your Life

I’ve just started cycling at the gym. As a family, we’ve always gone for bike rides together. Yesterday, we attended the ribbon cutting for the new Parley’s Trail in our neighborhood. But I use a cruiser bike and it has a nice cushy seat. I want to introduce you to ElevenPine. This is a great Colorado company and the founder, Jeff Curren, is really awesome. These are shorts that will change the way you bike, forever.

Men and Women Collection

The cool thing about ElevenPine is that there are different collections for men and women. Everyone is different when it comes to athletic wear, but I really love the ElevenPine shorts and skirt.


Biking shorts of everyone


I like ElevenPine because there isn’t a one size fits all solution for biking shorts. If you ride your bike for long periods of time, there is a pair of biking shorts for you. Maybe you prefer to bike for shorter periods of time, there are also biking shorts out there for you. ElevenPine makes it easy to find lightweight, breathable, stretchy fabric that is perfect for bike riding.

Performance is everything

I’m not stretching the truth when I say performance is everything when you’re outdoors a lot. You realize that you’re willing to pay a little more for something that works. That is where I am with ElevenPine. Their bike shorts are a little pricier than other biking shorts, but they work and get the job done, which makes me happy.

Are you looking for biking shorts that make you happy? You will find it with ElevenPine. You will find that there are biking shorts for anyone and everyone. I love the story of ElevenPine and I plan on using them for many more years to come. Biking shorts don’t need to be so tight they cut off the circulation in your legs.

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