Why LEGO are the Perfect Toy for Learning

Why LEGO are the Perfect Toy for Learning

Why LEGO are the Perfect Toy for Learning

If you have kids, you probably have some form of LEGO in your home. This magnificent toy has become an important part of our lives, which is why I wanted to share about it. LEGO isn’t just any toy that kids shift to the side and forget about. When playing with LEGO, kids can use their imagination and create endless possibilities. Here is why LEGO are the perfect learning toy.


Most LEGO come in some package that has instructions. However, LEGO don’t have to stay that way. Your kid can create anything they want at any time. They can mix and match LEGO sets or keep them the same. I love the versatility of these little tiny blocks.

Lots of fun

I can honestly say that my children have never gotten bored with LEGO. I can set out their LEGOs in the living room and my kids will be busy for hours. I love how easy it is to entertain them with LEGO and I can let them build on their own. Even if they don’t know how to read directions, they can still put something amazing together.

The different LEGO Available

One of my favorite parts of using LEGO in my house is the different kinds available. Let’s say your child is obsessed with LEGO and you want to find them a set. Recently, we got my son Joker Brick Heads and Lego Batman Blind Bags. My daughter loves LEGO has well and here favorite is the Duplo Family Pets. Another favorite in this household is Emma’s Photo Shoot. This is a fun little LEGO set that encourages creativity in play! The five year anniversary of Emma’s Photo Shoot is coming up soon.

Lego supports your child’s development

There is more to LEGO than meets the high. To some, they are a fun birthday present, but for others it’s truly a way of learning. A child can really develop in many ways when using LEGO. For example, fine motor skills can be perfected. Kids can pick up LEGO that are of various sizes and shapes. With the picking up and moving of the LEGO, with their hands, kids are learning a lot!

LEGO give kids power

This may sound weird, but kids don’t have a lot of power. It comes down to giving kids a little bit of power/control over something in life. When they have, a LEGO set in their hands, they have control over something, albeit small.

LEGO are a powerful toy for learning. You just need to figure out how it works for your child.

Do you remember playing with Lego’s as a child? We’d love to hear about your memory in the comments below!


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