Reducing Your Plastic Use

Reducing Your Plastic Use

Most of the time, we go throughout life not really caring about the amount of waste we use, which is sad. My friend Susan Strayer (Mountain Mom and Tots) has really encouraged me to change things. She is responsible for showing me a book called Zero Waste Home. This family of four only has a pint of waste a year. Isn’t that crazy? Susan and the book have inspired me to do more research on zero waste! Also, while visiting my parents in London, I noticed that things are just packaged better. This means less waste and plastic is being used for everyday things. I have made the commitment for Zero Waster and here’s what I’m doing in our home to make a difference.

Refusing to let it in the house

It may sound crazy, but if you refuse to buy it our let it into the house, you’re going to use less waste. I’m being very thoughtful about what I buy, especially when I’m buying online. It’s crazy how much plastic and waste is used in packaged. I feel as though being aware is the first step in reducing plastic use.

Re-commit to recycling


I’m sure many of us have showed some interested in recycling before. However, I’ve never been great at it and I have recommitted to recycling. Honestly, recycling is one of the best ways to create Zero Waste! Recycling is a whole family effort!

Stock to composting


Food is a huge waster. Just throwing it away complicates the process of it breaking down. An easier way is to create a compost pile. If you’re not into the whole compost pile think, re-think it. Unfamiliar with composting? It’s quite simple. Composting is where you turn your food into compost. When you’re done eating food, you put it into a designated spot, so it can compost. Some people pick a spot in their yard and other people have a specific compost bin. A compost pile keeps compostable materials out of the landfill.

Use reusable shopper bags


Although I like the plastic bags from the store, they’re doing no good in the environment, which is why I’m dedicated to using reusable shopping bags when I can. I also use these awesome produce bags, called Chico Bags, for our produce. The Chico Bags are an excellent alternative to using plastic bags.


Using Zero Waste does take some thought. However, if we all put a little more thought into our waste, we’d be leaving the planet a much better place.

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