Monster Digital VR Camera

Monster Digital VR Camera

Imagine seeing your travel expeditions through a new type of lens. Recording your adventures in a new way is possible with the Monster Digital VR Camera. On the fly, this camera probably sounds a little intimidating, however, it’s super simple to use. Here are some aspects of the camera you will love!

360 degree viewing with lens


I love that you can view 360 degrees of what you’re looking at. Right now, when you look at something, you see what your eyes want you to see. This camera changes things. Being able to view everything, without missing a single beat is exciting.

Everything you need included


I think what I found most appealing about the Monster Digital VR Camera is that everything you need is included. You don’t have to flounder around looking for something to help you make it the ultimate experience. It comes with 16GB MicroSD card, mini tripod, accessories and mounts. It’s safe to say, you can make your viewing experience the ultimate one with this camera.

Control through your phone

Viewing through the camera, simply wasn’t enough. The Monster Digital VR Camera allows you to control your camera through your phone, with the Monster Vision™ 360° APP. The app is super easy to use and viewing/controlling through your phone makes everything simple.

Adventures in Traveling

You already know that I do a ton of hiking and my family spends a lot of time outdoors. The Monster Digital VR Camera allows us to record our experiences and view later. The cool thing about playback is you can choose where you look. Up, down, and all around are going to help you get the full experience of your adventures. This summer, we will be using this camera at Stone Hedge. Imagine you could retrace your steps around Stonehenge, then relive the solstice with an all-around 360-degree view.


This is a camera that you do not want to put down. I love that we can go back and experience our travels in a 360-degree view. Have you used a VR camera before? Do you have any tips for us?

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