Best Parks in London

Best Parks in London

Have you ever wanted to visit London? This country is home to some of the best parks you will ever find. Whether you have kids that you want, to take or you’re just looking to take a stroll in a new park, check out some of the best parks in London.

St. James Park


Live close to Westminster? St. James Park is one you need to check out. This park has 23 acres to explore, so really, you will never run out of fun!

Hyde Park


Another popular park in London is called Hyde Park. This park is one of the larger parks in London. It’s one of the four Royal Parks and is known to be the largest. This park was established in 1937, so it’s a special one!

The Regent’s Park


Another Royal Park in London, established in 1811, this also seems to be a popular park. There are over 395 acres of beauty to explore. This park is known for its 12,000 roses with over 400 varieties. You can even enjoy the sports facilities that you can enjoy with the family.

Greenwich Park


Looking for a single green space in London to explore? Your family will love this park! Greenwich Park is home to Old Royal Naval College. This park even dates to 1433. Can you imagine visiting this historic park?

Clapham Common


There are tons of events held at the Clapham Commons. This may not be a traditional park in London, but there are plenty of events to enjoy, plus a variety of space to explore. The Clapham Commons is known as one of London’s most open spaces!

Are you traveling to London soon? I’d love to hear of your favorite parks. When we make it to London, I plan on visiting some of these parks.


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