Thermarest Tent Review

Therm-a-Rest Tranquility Tent: 6-Person 3-Season Review

Therm-a-rest Tent Review

What if you could camp in comfort? Tents from Therm-a-rest allow you to do just this. The thing I love about these tents is that they are easy to set up. However, they are also luxurious and spacious. Just because your camping, it doesn’t mean you can’t have everything you want or/need in a tent.

Therm-a-rest is a well respected name in the outdoor industry. When I first learned they had come out with a tent, I was thrilled and our field test did not disappoint.

We heard up to the Unintas with friends to field test this tent. We have to XL camp cots that we use. Two kids can fit on one cot sleeping head to foot and I get the other.

Easy set up

Tents from Therm-a-rest are so simple to set up. So, whether you’re camping alone or with family, these tents are perfect! I’d recommend having a friend to help, though. Especially the first time, it’s always a little tricky to figure out how to do it.

We shot this time lapse of us setting it up.


Easy to enter

Who doesn’t love a tent that’s easy to enter? I know I do! Especially, since I have kids. I need my kids to be able to get out easily as well, which is why the Thermarest Tents work perfectly. There are also integrated mud mats and organizational pockets. You’ll feel right at home in no time.

Therm-a-rest 6 person tent

Proper ventilation

Camping in a larger tent, usually means you’re with other people. Proper ventilation is necessary. Therm-a-rest has tents with peak ventilation, which means the rainfly provides peak and side wall venting. Whether you want to close things up or keep them open, Thermarest has you covered.

Perfect for families

I really need stress, as an outdoorsy family, these tents from Therm-a-rest are perfect for families. Whether you have the 4-wing tent, 6 tent, or the 4 tent, all are great options for families. You may have 1 kid of 4 and they have a tent for every family.

Start planning your camping adventures now. Camping is a luxury that not a lot of families partake in any more. It’s a fun way to get closer as a family and to just get back to the basics. I encourage you to start making your camping supply list now and add Thermarest Tents to your list.

I also love all the pockets that are sewn in to store my glasses and kids items.

Thermarest 6 person tent review

Ways to Buy and Save

These tents are onside at Backcountry.com right now for 25% off.

REI has a Labor Day sale going on, too!

Mosejaw $449

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