Kids Bike Quotes

How this kid’s bike company is getting kids outdoors

Go Adventure Mom Podcast 018 – Woom Bikes

Biking is a great and healthy activity, and a skill that kids will have for life! In an episode all about biking, Mathias and Marcus from Woom Bikes share their passion for getting kids outdoors. We learn what it takes to launch a new company.

With increasing bike use comes the importance of education and safety, a big responsibility for parents. You’ll learn some great riding safety tips, such as correct helmet sizing and why kids benefit from bikes designed specifically for them.

Mathias and Marcus tell the story of how Woom bikes came to be, maintaining its roots as a small business today, despite selling to all parts of the world! Woom’s success has allowed them to assist with programs for children in need, and even offer programs to recycle and reduce waste.

Does your family bike together? If not, this episode surely inspire you to strap on your helmets and get riding!






Kids Bike Quotes

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