Don’t Miss Out on Outdoor Mom Academy

If you claim to be an Outdoor Mom, then this post is for you. Outdoor Mom Academy is a unique course that is designed for the outdoor mom. Spending time outdoors is a passion of mine. I will do anything to get out there and be active with my kids! I love what the OMA has to offer.

Here’s how to get started

1. Enroll first

After you enroll and the class starts, you will get access to the online learning portal. Each Monday, you will get access to a new lesson each Monday.

  1. Go to Outdoor Mom Academy to enroll: helpyouexplore.com
  2. Tuition for Session 2 is $99. We offer a 100% money back guarantee through October 1, 2017.
  3. As a Go Adventure Mom reader you can get $5 off this course by using the code OMA-GOADVENTURE at checkout!

2. Learn lots

The cool thing about the Outdoor Mom Academy is you can learn so much. You’re going to learn so much and you’ll be encouraged to get out there and be active. Adventuring with children, sometimes takes a little guidance. These moms have put together a course that will challenge you and make it fun for you to get out and about.

3. Here is what you’ll learn during the course.

  • Week 1: Sept 11-17 – Raising Outdoor Leaders
  • Week 2: Sept 18-24 – How to Pack What You Need
  • Week 3: Sept 25-Oct 1 – Family Adventures on a Budget
  • Week 4: Oct 2-8 – Family Camping Made Simple
  • Week 5: Oct 9-15 – Family First Aid
  • Week 6: Oct 16-22 – Identifying and Mitigating Risk in the Outdoors

I’m just loving that there is something out there, like the Outdoor Mom Academy, that encourages you to get out and get more active. I’m all about learning more, so don’t be afraid to get out there too.

Outdoor Mom Academy has a new course starting on September 11th and now is your chance to sign up.  Registration runs from August 28th– September 10th.  I am a huge fan that they offer a refund (by a certain) date if you’re not satisfied.

This tells me that they take pride in their work.

You can spend as little or as much time on this as you want. In my opinion, if you’re going to buy it, take full advantage of it. If you decide to sign up, let me know what you think!


http://helpyouexplore.comSave $5 by using the code OMA-GOADVENTURE at checkout!

This is an affiliate code and you can only use ONE code at check out.


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