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Wisconsin Dells: The Perfect Family Vacation Spot

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This summer, I’m traveling across the Midwest to find various vacationing options perfect for families. Our last trip brought us to Wisconsin Dells! We have four kids and the drive from our house was around 4.5 hours. We live by South Bend, Indiana.

The total cost for tolls was around $12.50. We have been to the Dells before, but it was in early May and not a lot of places were totally open. This time around, we visited in late May and it was perfect!

Chula Vista Resort

chula vista

Chula Vista Resort is where we stayed. I wasn’t expecting our condo to be so big! I was super thrilled it had a lot of space. We only stayed two days, but if we stayed longer, I would have brought our own food and did some cooking. The rooms were huge and so were the bathrooms!

The sleeping situation worked out perfectly because there was also a pullout couch, which our boys slept in. My daughter needs her own Island to sleep in when it’s night time, so she took the extra bedroom. I am happy to say that my kids slept well the whole time we were in the Dells. They were probably exhausted from the water parks.

Chula Vista Resort is also home to the amazing Chula Vista Waterpark. They have an indoor and outdoor water park. My kids LOVED the lazy river, water slides, and the wading pool. They could keep super busy the whole time we were there.

My two-year-old loved playing on the slides and just walking around the wading pool. I felt as though the water park was accommodating for all our kids, their ages are 8, 6, 4, and 2. My husband and I even took turns going down all the slides. They have some super amazing slides at Chula Vista!

Wisconsin dells

We probably spent about 15 hours at the water park the 2 days we were there! I loved that there were indoor and outdoor options. We stayed indoors most of the time and had an amazing time!

If you’re in the Wisconsin Dells, there are some other things you need to check out! We visited a few attractions while in the Dells.

  • Knuckleheads – My husband took all the kids here! If you come make sure you have at least two adults if you have varying ages with your kids. Some of the rides take adults.
  • Timber Falls Adventure Park – I went here with our 3 boys and had a ton of fun. The roller coaster was a lot of fun. My six-year-old LOVED it.
  • Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum – This was fun! We loved reading all the different items Ripley has collected throughout his career. My kids got a kick out of it.
  • Wizard Quest – My family didn’t understand this game at all, but there were people having fun! If you have the time to play the game, I’d suggest it. Having a two-year-old didn’t help the cause any.

chula vista

Wisconsin Dells is a place that is family friendly! We loved staying at the resort with the water park right on campus. We found a few attractions we loved! Our go to food is always pizza, so we ate at Pizza Lab one night and then ordered pizza to the room another night.

If you’re in the area, go ahead and check out the Wisconsin Dells this summer, I know you’ll love it. Visit the Wisconsin Dell’s official website to find out more on attractions!



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Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver

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