Wildflower photography tips


wildflower photography tips

Wildflower photography tips

Have you ever wanted to photograph wildflowers, but weren’t sure where to get started? I think wildflowers are super pretty and something I could look at all day long. I wanted to share some  best tips for photographing those wildflowers from my aunt Shari Akers. 

Read up on wildflowers

The first step to taking pictures of wildflowers is to read up on them. Wildflowers aren’t always around all year. If you want to take pictures, it’s best to know the best times to do so. By reading up on wildflowers you can get to know more about them and hopefully take even better pictures. I found the best wildflower book on Amazon, Wildflowers of the Mountain West, but it sells out fast. On our last trip to the Tetons I was able to buy a copy there in the visitor center. I use this book to watercolor the wildflowers and in turn learn the names of the flowers. It is also spiral bound and lays flat. 


Look for a good background

Personally, one of the things I look for when trying to take pictures of wildflowers is a good background. Sure, the wildflowers look pretty, but it’s also nice to have a good background. Some wildflowers are in weird places. You want the most natural looking background that you can possibly find.

Use a macros lens

When it comes down to photographing wildflowers, you want to use a macro lens. What is a macro lens you may wonder? It’s basically a lens that is great at taking pictures up close of a subject.  

Find a good subject

Just because it’s a wildflower, it doesn’t mean it’s a great subject for a photo. I always take my time looking for the perfect wildflower to take a picture of. It’s amazing how beautiful these flowers can be, but there are also some ugly ones out there. It’s worth it to spend time finding the perfect wildflower subject. The better the wildflower, the better your picture will be.

Don’t leave anything behind

It’s so easy to leave behind a mess when you are taking pictures. My best advice is take everything with you. Another way to word this would be to leave nothing behind. Don’t leave trash behind and don’t trash the spot you are taking pictures of. It’s worth it to leave the earth as wonderful as you found it.

how to shoot wildflowers

Use a fast shutter speed

Listen, it’s amazing how quickly a flower can move. One of the best things you can do is use a fast shutter speed. The faster the speed, the more likely you are to catch what you want. Those little flowers sure can move quickly in the wind. Do a little test run to see what you can catch on camera? Using a tripod will also help. 

Thankfully, practice makes perfect. Spend time trying to perfect your shots. Wildflowers aren’t going anywhere, so it is an awesome subject to do a little testing on. What tips would you add to help someone photograph wildflowers.

I love being out in nature and taking photos. However, it has taken me many years to get awesome at this. Take your time learning! No one has ever been perfect at taking pictures at wildlife right off the bat. You can always look at other pictures of wildflowers and take notes. I love getting inspiration from other people’s work!

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