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Visiting Nashville: What You Need to Know

I received a free media pass and a media rate for my hotels in exchange for my opinion. All opinions are 100% my own!

10 days ago, my husband and I went on an adventure that would essentially change our lives, forever. I mean that in a good way! We have been married for ten years and this is the first trip we would take without our kids. We prepared to leave them for five days! Here is what happened on our adventure, I hope you’ll follow along.

Destination: Nashville

Keep in mind that Ryan and I have been to Nashville several times, with kids. However, we were ready to experience Nashville without kids. Nashville has a lot of great places to grab a drink, relax, and just have fun. My favorite part was listening to all the not-yet-discovered talent. There is a lot of singin’ talent out there ya’ll.

From our house, Nashville is about a 7-hour drive. We arrived on Sunday and checked into the Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. We have walked through this hotel, but have never stayed before. If I could give one word for this hotel, it would be pristine. The hotel was spotless, which was super nice. With how many people are in and out of this hotel, it is a lot of work to keep clean, but they do it! There are three atriums in the Gaylord Opryland Resort., our room was in the Cascades part of the hotel. To say our room was magnificent was an understatement. It was breathtaking and oh so relaxing.

gaylord opyrland resort


Walking into our room was amazing. You had a good-sized bed, room to work, relax, and the perfect sized bathroom to enjoy. We made sure we took time to rest and enjoy the bedroom as much as possible. My husband enjoyed watching television at night and I enjoyed sitting in the chair doing a little freelance writing. It was perfect to relax, while on vacation away from our 4 kids (8 and under).

One of my favorite parts of the Gaylord Opryland Resort was walking around. We probably walked 6-8 miles a day (not just around the hotel). However, seeing all the beautiful plants and flowers, but the amazing design of the hotel, you could easily walk for hours. Our favorite place to enjoy a drink was Jack Daniel’s.

We walked around the Opry Shops and enjoyed the Magnolia Courtyard, Delta Pavilion, Water’s Edge, and so much more. There is also an indoor and outdoor pool, but we didn’t have time to swim this go around. There were plenty of places to relax while at Opryland. I personally enjoyed the live music they had a few mornings, while we were there.

In between staying at the Gaylord Opryland Resort, we decided to venture out and do a few things in Nashville. We had nothing on our agenda, which was awesome! We left the hotel on Sunday to visit the Parthanon and the Johnny Cash Museum.



When we woke up on Monday, we took our time getting ready and headed over to the Hermitage. Ryan and I have been there before, but again, this time it was without kids. We took our time waiting in line to see Andrew Jackson’s home. I loved walking around the beautiful property and seeing what life was like back then. While we visited, we learned that Andrew Jackson would have been turning 250 years old! How crazy is that? His property is well maintained and we really enjoyed the history of the Hermitage. If you get a chance, make sure you head out to the Hermitage and learn all about Andrew Jackson! He played a key role in America’s history. After the Hermitage, we walked around downtown Nashville, grabbed a bite to eat, and went back to the hotel to enjoy a walk.



On Tuesday, we decided we were up for a little adventure. We grabbed breakfast at Bob Evans and then headed over to Treetop Adventure Park, which is over by Nashville Shores. My husband has been skydiving before, so this course was easy for him. When we got there, they walked us through all the rules and before long, it was time to let us loose. My husband did great. I did okay until I had to get across something wobbly. The staff was great at coaching me across and I made it through the first course. The rain kept coming and going, so my husband made it through a few courses before we decided to call it quits. I enjoyed the staff and their demeanor. Treetop Adventures was a fun place to spend some of our time, while in Nashville.

treetop adventure park

After Treetop Adventure Park, it was time to get ready for the Grand Ole Opry! Ryan and I were super excited about this. We have gone before, but this time we were going without kids. I loved the atmosphere of the Opry! We got to see big stars like Allison Kraus and Darius Rucker! If only Darius could have stayed on the stage longer, would it have been a perfect night. I loved seeing the new country stars and the legends. I grew up on country music, so it’s always a treat.

grand ole opry


On the last day we were in Nashville, we walked around the Opry Mills Mall, did a little shopping. The last day we were there, we tried to play it low key. The whole week we walked around 30 miles. My favorite part was downtown Nashville and walking on Broadway. We started to miss out kids a lot on Wednesday, but enjoyed relaxing in the hotel and chatting with each other!

Sadly, on the way back from Nashville, we hit something in the road, going 75 miles an hour. We spun and flipped our truck, which resulted in us totaling our truck. We walked away safe and got checked out at Columbus Regional Hospital, which has the BEST staff anyone could ask for!

I’m so thankful Ryan and I got this time together. A huge thank you to Visit Music City for hooking us up with a Media Pass! There were tons of things we wanted to see and do, but just didn’t have the time. Watch out Nashville, Tennessee – the Weavers will be back someday soon. Also, a big thank you to Gaylord Opryland Resort for having us, special thanks to Mera for delivering a wonderful Happy Anniversary gift basket to us!

gaylord opryland


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Jess Weaver
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