5 Things To Do In Sedona With Kids

Are you thinking of traveling to Sedona, Arizona soon? We love traveling to Arizona, to see family. Here is a some research I’ve been doing about Sedona.  I’m sure your family would love these things to do in Sedona with kids.

Sedona Astronomy Tours

I love that my kids are getting older because we can do things like Astronomy tours. Looking at the stars in a place like Sedona is unforgettable. Take in this experience, as a family, and I bet your kids will talk about it for years to come.

Camp in the wilderness

The thing about Sedona is that here is so much to do. One thing you can do in Sedona with kids is camp in the wilderness. Camping is always something my family has loved, but doing this in Sedona is a definite memory maker. There are tons of places to camp all over Arizona, but especially in Sedona.

Oak Creek Canyon

I have heard awesome things about Oak Creek Canyon. If you are up for a drive, you need to complete it while in Sedona. While driving to Oak Creek Canyon, make it a point to stop at Grasshopper Point. Canyons in Arizona are beautiful, so make sure you do this with your kids while visiting.

Check out the local festivals

When you’re traveling to Sedona, you better believe that there are a ton of festivals going on. Stop by Sedona’s city website to see which festivals might be going on. Festivals are great for families because everyone can have fun with the activities and the food.

Take a hike in Sedona

Yes, hiking is so good for you! One of the best things to do in Sedona is to hike and explore. My family is active, so this is a given. Make sure you check out the different trails available! Don’t be shy about trying different ones either, there are so many available. In fact, there are even apps that you can download to help you navigate all the trails.

The next time you are planning a family vacation, consider all the things there are to do in Sedona with kids. It always gets me excited to think about visiting there and all that is available to explore with my family

Have you ever been? Do you have any tips for a family traveling to Sedona, Arizona?

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Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver is a work at home mom and wife. She's been married to Ryan for nearly 8 blissful years. She has three adorable and rowdy sons. Benjamin- 6, Isaac- 4, and Josiah-2 and a baby girl on the way! If you would like to contact Jess you can do so by clicking the contact me button on her website www.jessleewrites.com
Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver

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