How to Prepare for the Utah Preparedness and Outdoor Festival

How to Prepare for the Utah Preparedness and Outdoor Festival

Do you need something to do this Saturday? You’re going to be excited about the Utah Preparedness & Outdoor Festival.

Tickets are Free

If you get the chance, head to grab your FREE tickets here. Once you have your hands on some free tickets, you can even use them to be entered into a drawing the day of the festival. How’s that for free and awesome?

The Mission is Awesome

The mission of the Utah Preparedness & Outdoor Festival is to educate the general public on the outdoor life in Utah that’s available. Not to mention, we can all be a little more prepared when it comes to food and water storage. You will have access to some of the best educators and exhibits in Utah during this festival.

More on the Event

There is a ton of outdoor resources that Utah offers and you don’t want to miss out on any of it. I know you’re committed to taking care of your family and their needs, which is where this festival comes in handy. Whether it’s about recreation, homesteading, or survival for you/your family- this festival has you covered.

It never hurts to be more prepared and be your family’s “superhero.” You’re going to learn so much! If you live in Utah now, you’re going to know more now about this beautiful state than you ever have!

Come out this Saturday June 17th from 10AM to 7PM MDT. Come to learn something new, to explore, and meet new people. There are tons of other people in Utah who care about the environment and what the outdoors in Utah can offer.

Check out the Facebook Event and let me know if you’ll be coming or not. I’m super excited about it. We’re lucky to have a festival like this one right in our back yard.

Utah Outdoor festival


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