Juicy Juice – Cars 3 Tips for the First Time Movie Goer

Summer has approached quickly. One of our favorite things to do in the summer months is watch movies. My kids and I are always anxiously waiting for what movies may be coming out next. I was thrilled when I heard that Cars 3 was hitting theaters super soon. My kids have loved Cars 1 and Cars 2, so you can imagine how thrilled they are about Cars 3.

Thanks to Juicy Juice for sending us a Countdown to Cars 3 kit. This kit helped us with the countdown and we had fun doing all the activities. You will want to race into the theaters to see this amazing movie! Here are some movie tips for the first-time movie goer!

  • Potty trained – If you’re going to take a kiddo to the movie, make sure they’re potty trained. It’s helpful if your kiddo can sit through a movie without needing to have a diaper changed. Of course, a kid cannot be potty trained and see a movie, just some advice!
  • Sit still – To go to their first movie, a kid should be able to sit still. It can be hard to sit through a movie, but totally worth it. Try sitting through some movies at home with your little ones, before you take them to the movie theater.
  • Lots of snacks– I have found that my kids do so much better when they have snacks. A big bucket of popcorn is totally worth it, to keep your kids busy, during movie. I know popcorn can be expensive, but in our case, it’s worth every penny.

I hope you’ll go out and watch Cars 3 on June 10th.




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