5 Ways To Make A Fairy Garden With Your Kids

Ideas For Making A Fairy Garden With Your Kids

How many of you have seen those adorable fairy gardens floating around? I have seen them and so have my children. We all agreed that this would make a fun project for everyone in the family. Together, we brain stormed ideas and came up with some fun ones! If you’re up for the challenge, check out these ideas for making a fairy garden with your kids!

Head to the Dollar Tree

When I want to make a fairy garden with my kids, but want to stay on budget with my money, I head to the Dollar Tree. This is a nice basic place to get what you need. You can get the base from the Dollar Tree and whatever main items you want to add to your fairy garden. Every kid in my family has a different idea of what their fairy garden should look like, so naturally everyone had to come to pick out their goodies.

Pine Cones

Head on a nature walk

Most fairy gardens are created for an outside atmosphere anyways. To keep them as natural as possible, we go on nature walks to find some of our items. The best thing to find in nature for the fairy gardens are rocks. You can find rocks of all sizes and colors. And if you want to add a little pizzazz to the fairy gardens, you can always have the kids paint the rocks.

Use what you have

The idea in my family is to use up what we have before we go buy more. Before we even head to the store for our fairy garden supplies, we get out what we have around the house. The thing I love about fairy gardens is that you can use a variety of tools to make it your own. There is no set way to make a fairy garden, which is very relieving to me. While searching for fairy garden “goodies” we came across some marbles to use! If you’d rather not buy items for the fairy gardens, as grandparents and aunts/uncles for potential items your kids could use in their fairy gardens. You never know what people have lying around!

Create a whole fairy garden in your back yard

Another cool thing about fairy gardens is that you do not have to stop at one! If you can find the space in your yard, go for it! My kids and I have a lot of wild ideas about how we will create a large fairy garden out of several small ones. If you graze the Internet looking for ideas, you will get pretty excited about how many ideas are available!

Garden Gnomes

Get dad involved too

It is always my husband that has the best ideas for putting things together. I am good at helping the kids gather and brainstorm, but he is a great executer. I would say, if you are going to make fairy gardens with your kids, get dad involved!

Have you created fairy gardens before? I’d love to see or hear all about it! Leave your comment below.


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