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How National Geographic Photographer Joel Sartore Helps Save Wildlife

Podcast Episode 011 – How National Geographic Photographer Joel Sartore Helps Save Wildlife

Joel Sartore is a photographer for National Geographic magazine. He’s focused on conservation. We first hear the story of how he came to work with National Geographic, and then he shares some details about the job which may surprise you! It’s not always glamorous and it’s a lonely job sometimes.

Photo Ark

Joel is passionate about leaving the scene better than when you arrived. He’s done 36 stories for National Geographic now. He wants people to trust him and educate readers what is going on in the natural world and save species while there is still time.

Joel tells about his experience covering the Gulf Oil Spill. The Gulf Oil spilled happened in April of 2010.  It was difficult, and he even had some health side effects, but there were positive moments of seeing animals rescued and rehabilitated.

Kathy was able to visit The Marine Mammal Center (who we’ll be interviewing in a future podcast). Check out her experience at The Marine Mammal Center and her work as a Dawn Ambassador for Dawn Saves Wildlife.

When animals are covered with oil they loose their ability to insulate and stay warm and they die.

Joel Sartore


Joel shares two simple things you can today today to help save wildlife in your own backyard:

  1. Pollinators: Attract pollinators to your backyard – plant pollinators gardens that attract bees and birds. Nectar bearing plants, milk weeks for monarch butterflies.
  2. Fertilizers: Don’t use fertilizers, no herbicide, no pesticide.



Photo Ark

Be sure to check out the Photo Ark PBS Series this Fall.


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