How to Dig for Hidden Geodes

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How to dig for hidden geodes in Tooele County

Have you always wanted to dig for geodes, but weren’t sure where to start? You can dig for hidden geodes in Tooele County and here’s how! Digging in the Utah desert is loads of fun, especially when you’re looking for hidden gems.

what are geodes

What are Geodes?

I have a lot of experience with geodes, just because I live in Utah. These are the most magnificent rocks in the world and it’s a lot of fun to hunt for them. Geodes are simply volcanic rock bubbles and beautiful ones at that!

find geodes in utah

What do you need?

Well, when it comes to finding hidden geodes in Tooele County, you will need some tools. Plan on bringing simple, but effective tools like a shovel and rock hammers. The fun thing about geodes is that you get to break them open to see what’s inside. While there isn’t a lot of value in the actual geode, the beauty within is amazing.

Copy of How to dig for geodes-2

A great day trip

Heading to dig for hidden geodes in Tooele County is a great day trip. You get to drive out there and explore for hours. Spending the day with your kids as they explore, doesn’t this excite you? Along the way, you can even visit Simpson Springs. You could even camp here if you want!

Copy of How to dig for geodes-3

If you’re in Tooele County and want to make a memorable trip for your family, go ahead and head out here. You can hunt for geodes, spend time breaking them open, and enjoying the day with the family. Here are some other tips to keep in mind.

Copy of How to dig for geodes-4

You can take a few with you! As long as you have good intentions, there is nothing wrong with taking a few geodes with you!

Bring lot of snacks and drinks. There are not a lot of places out here, so pack what you will need!

Don’t forget the rock hammer. You will be disappointed with the rocks if you can’t break them open.

I can’t wait to plan our trip to Tooele County soon.

Will you be heading out there soon? Let me know how it goes!



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5 thoughts on “How to Dig for Hidden Geodes

  1. This looks so cool!!! My girls LOVE geodes and would go hunting for them all the time if there were a place like this nearby. Hopefully we can get there some day. :)

  2. This would be a great early summer activity! Where in Tooele County do you go?

  3. Where in Toelle do we go? Is this the dugway or another place? it sounds awesome!

  4. We’ve been down there a lot and never found anything like these pictures, and we’ve never found anything much inside, usually just a little hole inside. As a matter of fact we were down there just last summer and still found nothing to even bring home, I’m not sure where the people that find good ones are looking.

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