Camping Tips: How to Turn Your Kids into Happy Campers

Summer Camping Tips for the Busy Family

Camping season is almost here. As much as my family loves camping, I don’t love the aspect of trying to pack everything up. This is especially true as a mom of 3 that leads a busy life. I love camping to disconnect, but the packing thing takes some work. Here are some summer camping tips for the busy family.

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Keep it simple

Remember you’re going camping, not to Paris. It’s okay if you forget something. Not everything you pack needs be elaborate. Keep is simple!


Make a list

I make a list every time I go camping. It’s nice to know what I need to bring. If I pack it, I cross it off. Some may call this old school, but I call it pure genius. It’s hard to remember everything you need to pack, so a list makes perfect sense. Check out this family camping check list we’ve put together!

Download Camping Checklist
free downloadable camping check list

Pack the important things first

I’m okay forgetting a toothbrush or my pair of shower shoes, but there are a few things I don’t want to forget. A comfortable sleeping back is one of them. We’re all geared up for this summer’s first camping trip with the Dorado™ Duo HD. This is a versatile, semi-rectangular bag, that can be used for two people or one. I love the versatile design, especially for a big family. Staying close to my husband and kids is important and this sleeping bag makes it possible! Two of my favorite features is the Nikwax™ Hydrophobic Down that provides added loft without bulk. Also, the ThermaCapture™ seams capture warmth, which makes camping early in the spring and late into the fall possible!

Do you want to know what makes this sleeping bag even more dreamy? When you add the Dorado™ Duo Coupler. The coupler connects two mattresses together to make your sleeping experience even more awesome while camping. I’m all for comfort, especially while camping. Here are some awesome features of the sheet.

  • Compatibility: Mates with an open Dorado Duo sleeping bag with integrated zippers to form a two-person sleep system.
  • Fit: Sleeves connect two 25-inch rectangular mattresses to make a plush outdoor bed.
  • Comfortable: Brushed polyester adds luxurious feel, plus practicality of cleanliness and breathability.
  • Cleanliness: Keeps mattress clean; easily removable for laundering.


Of course, the most important summer camping tip for the busy family is to have fun. It’s always nice to slow down and spend time together. Camping makes this possible. Take some time to disconnect from the busy schedule and the electronics. Do you have any tips to add?




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