What is world schooling?

World Schooling: The New Way of Learning

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What is World Schooling?

It’s no surprise that family travel and world schooling is on the rise. In a recent article in The Guardian show that this growing trend is gaining momentum.

Also referred to as alternative education, homeschooling (but never at home), road schooling or unschooling. Parents are taking long-term trips where children learn while traveling. Some people are able to world school full-time, while more families are adopting hybrid approach of world schooling where parents teach their children during vacations or supplement public school education with travel.

However, this article will make you want to start world schooling full-time 7 Benefits of World Schooling!

Check out our latest podcast on World Schooling with Lonely Planet Author Mara Vorhees:


What’s World Schooling Really Like?

Every parent wants to give their child the world. What I mean in that respect is we all want to give our children more than what we had. Giving your child something does not always need to be materialistic. More families are world schooling. Essentially, these are home schooling families who are teaching their kids, but introducing them to the world in the process. Here’s what world schooling is really like and how it is changing things.

how do I start world schooling?

The world is your classroom

One of the awesome things about world schooling is the world is your classroom. Your kids don’t have to sit at a table to learn every single day. They will never have to buy research papers to turn into teachers. You can pick a museum or a park and teach your kids. You can teach your kids while taking a hike. There’s no end to what you can teach your own child.

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Your kids start to love traveling

It’s great when families decide what’s best for them, but for world schoolers, traveling is something amazing. Traveling two hours to go to a museum or even spending time in their own city discovering the world is something that’s unforgettable. Your kids start to appreciate the parks, zoos, aquariums, and creatures they see.

How to world school?

Schoolbooks can come with

Just because your family does world schooling, it doesn’t mean you don’t learn. My kids bring their school books with us. We might read in the car or practice our spelling words in the car. I have several learning apps that my kids can use when we have a little bit of down time.

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Learning is just different

Many people will tell you what your kids are supposed to be learning, but I’m here to say something. When you world school, learning is just different. Blurting out an oral essay about what you just saw is common. Your experience build on top of each other, giving you learning experiences you won’t find anywhere else.

Having different experiences and being introduced to other cultures is just the beginning. You don’t need to travel to India to give your children a world schooling experience. Spending time in your own backyard exploring or even to a national park are both ways to begin your world schooling experience.

Do you world school? Where have you traveled? If you’re considering world schooling, give it a try this summer. You don’t have to be a homeschooler to enjoy the benefits of world schooling. Take your family on adventures and let them see the world!

how to world school

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