Planning a Trip to Shedd Aquarium for Big Families

Shedd Aquarium provided me with 6 tickets in exchange for my experience. All opinions are my own! 

This past weekend, it was time for our foreign exchange student to head back to Germany. I thought it’d be a great time to spend the day with Alina at the Shedd Aquarium before we put her on a plane. We already have a big family with 4 small children and Alina makes 5 kids. My husband and I love doing things like this with them as we’re a homeschooling family wanting to show our kids as much of the world as possible. Here is how to make your day at the Shedd Aquarium even more awesome when you have a big family.

Plan Ahead

When we arrived to the Shedd, I knew we would have to pay for parking. So, I planned in advanced for that. Since all our kids can walk, I didn’t worry too much about having to park close. However, we were lucky and didn’t have to walk to far to get into Shedd.

Don’t be shy about asking questions

If you know me, I’m not shy anyways. However, when I don’t know where something is, I just ask. I loved that Shedd Aquarium had so many workers to help people out. Everywhere I turned, there was someone there to help me and I appreciated that a lot.


Count your kids a lot

I didn’t have a stroller or anything but my arms to keep tab on my kids. My husband and I were always counting our kids to make sure they were close to us. Kids like to wonder off, so it’s a mental thing to make sure you always know where your kids are. Plus, other parents and staff are very helpful, so that put my mind at ease.

We loved the Aquatic Presentation

The first thing we did when we went into Shedd was see the Aquatic Presentation. This presentation kept the attention of all my kids, especially my daughter. Seeing the dolphins and other wildlife was amazing. I have never been that up close to a sea animal in my life. It was quite the amazing experience. If you’re heading to Shedd, you don’t want to miss out on the Aquatic Show.


Exploring the Aquarium

It took us a few hours to walk through the exhibits. We enjoyed seeing the sharks, turtles, star fish, and the countless other sea creatures at the Shedd. All I could keep thinking was how blessed we are to live so close to something so amazing!

When we went to Shedd, there were several exhibits available and we loved it. Our favorites were Wild Reef and Amazon Rising. As a homeschooling family that is large, the Shedd Aquarium is VERY accommodating. I would suggest you take time to visit when you can.

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