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Tips for Shopping Your Local Farmers Market


One of my favorite times of the year is here. Shopping at our local farmer’s market is invigorating. The smell in the air is one that is indescribable. The fresh fruit from local farms is ready to be purchased, it is just an exciting time. Here are some tips I can offer you for when you’re shopping at your local farmer’s market.

Do a bit of planning beforehand

It’s so easy to go to the Farmer’s Market without a plan, trust me that can get expensive really fast. While the farmer’s market is amazing, it can add up really quickly. Do yourself a favor and do the planning local farmer's market before you even go. Know what kind of meals you’ll be prepping and what you’ll be using the fresh produce for. Maybe you have intentions of freezing some fruits and veggies.


Cleanliness is important

Obviously, the produce you buy isn’t going to be clean, it’s your job to clean it. However, you can see how clean the vendors are you buying from. You can tell a lot by the work station of the people you’re buying from.

Know what’s in season

I think it’s super important to know what’s in season at your local farmer’s market. You may be confused if you go and don’t find something you want. Knowing what’s in season can help make your farmer’s market trip a lot easier.

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Make sure to get there early

As goes with anything in life, the early bird gets the worm. If you really want to get the best, make sure you get there early. Once most of the produce and goodies are gone, they are gone for the day. I prefer to shop earlier, but that doesn’t always happen with 3 kids. However, they say if you want a good deal at the Farmer’s Market, hold off until the end of the day.

Bring something to haul your items in

I hope you don’t plan to put all of this awesome produce in your hands. Bring a cart or a basket with you to the Farmer’s Market. I always bring a few bags with me and the kids help carry items around. Obviously, I keep it light for them. The heaviness of produce can get to be too much sometimes. If this happens, I make a trip back to my car to drop a few things off.

Be curious- try new things

The cool thing about farmer’s markets is that there is a lot of different stuff. I encourage people to be curious when they go to the Farmer’s Market. Try something new when you’re there. Maybe you’ll see an unusual fruit or veggie. Ask about it and then don’t be afraid to try it. I’ve noticed that my kids are more willing to try new produce if I am. It’s like a family tradition- trying 1 new fruit or veggie a week.

What tips would you offer someone shopping at their local farmer’s market?


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