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Krista Numbers Shares How to Get Your Family to Sit Down to Meals


Family Meals with Krista Numbers

Today on Go Adventure Mom, we’re talking family meals with Krista Numbers of simplifysupper.com. Krista tells us why she started this meal planning service, shares some great tips for successful family meals, and explains why eating with your family is so important. In my family, it’s not always easy to get everyone to sit down together. It seems like there is always something that creeps up. I’m not the best at planning our meals, but am working on it. It’s something that is so important and some times I forget the benefit of family meals. I really enjoyed learning from Krista about family meals.

On Go Adventure Mom, we share lots of tips and advice and are excited to have added the Simplify Supper meal planner added to our sidebar. This meal planner website and app are FREE resources. So, be sure to get them.

Krista has a new cookbook coming out, and each month for the rest of 2017 you can win a copy! Simply snap a picture of you or your family at the dinner table, post to social media tagging Simplify Supper and Go Adventure Mom, and we’ll pick one winner per month!


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